Let’s Pretend

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Chapter 1: The Well-Fed Family~ General Discussion

At the start of Chapter 1, we are told to pretend that we are visiting a home economics class where the students are pretending that they have invited their friends over for a Sunday supper and are rating menu options.   The first and last menus are ranked equally high, Menu II comes next followed by Menu II and IV.

Menu I
Platter of cold meats
Fresh vegetable salad
Fresh fruit in season
Menu II
Cheese rarebit in toasted bread cases
Cucumber and tomato salad
Bread and butter sandwiches
Banbury tarts
Menu III
Cold meat loaf, sliced
Potato salad
Baked beans
Apple butter
Chocolate cake
Fruit gelatin
Menu IV
Chicken salad
Angel food
Home-made ice cream
Menu V
Cream of tomato soup
Popcorn garnish
Lettuce sandwiches
Egg salad sandwiches
Ice-box cookies
Pink apple sauce

Questions from the book: Do you agree with the class’  rankings?  Which one of these menus would you serve on a winter Sunday evening?  A summer Sunday evening?

The girls in the home ec class set up certain standards which would apply to entertaining.  We’ll go over the standards they came up with in the next post but I am curious as to what you might set as standards in your own home.

Apparently, lettuce sandwiches–sandwiches made with bread, butter or mayonnaise, and lettuce, were served at fine luncheons and were a hit with young people.  I guess this is isn’t as outlandish as it sounds since cucumber sandwiches aren’t really that far removed from a lettuce sandwich.  Truthfully, I had never heard of such a thing but it makes absolute sense.  How many of us add lettuce to our meat-filled sandwiches?

From what I can gather, Banbury tarts are an old-English Christmas-time treat filled with raisins or currants.  If anyone has more information about them, please share!

The more I read about “mid-century food,”  the more I realize how we’ve been influenced by the food industry regarding what we think of as “regular food.”