Wise Words of the Day: Marriage

The ideal marriage is not one in which two people marry to be happy, but to make each other happy.  ~ Roy. L. Smith

He Married Her For Her Lip Stick

Viv Lipstick advertisement, 1956; Image courtesy of Paul Malon on Flickr.com

 The Mister and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary today.  Although we are happily married now, it wasn’t always that way.  There was a time about 18 years ago, that our marriage was on the rocks.  But we still loved each other  which meant that divorce was not an option for us.   Since we knew we weren’t going to divorce, we figured out a way to make it work.

What finally turned it around for me was when I changed the focus of my relationship with The Mister on the advice of a very wise friend.  I stopped expecting him to be the source of my happiness and, instead, focused on finding as many ways as I could to make him happy and show him that I love him.  And guess what?  When I started giving instead of always taking and being dissatisfied, I discovered all of the ways that The Mister shows me he loves me!

The depth of our emotional intimacy is so profound that I cry with humble gratitude whenever I think about it (like…right now).

As modern retro women, we understand that being married is about a whole lot more than the fairytale wedding or the perfect house.  It is about being on a journey together.  Wherever the path may lead.