Birthday Gathering

Dear Friends,

I’m having most of my family over for dinner on Saturday for a birthday gathering with a twist.  When I was asked how I wanted to celebrate the Big 5-0, I realized that I wanted to prepare an old-fashioned “Sunday dinner”  type of meal for my family.  I don’t get to play hostess for my family very often and this, you might say, is my birthday gift to me.

I’m sure Emily Post is spinning in her grave because, technically speaking, you’re not supposed to throw yourself a birthday party.  I guess I could say that Garret is hosting it but I’m doing all of the work!  Seriously, though, I’m viewing it as a time to share an important milestone with my family and getting  to do something I really enjoy.

When I was younger, I just assumed that I would take over the responsibility of hosting Sunday dinners for the family.  After all, I was preparing them when I still lived at home.  But life has a way of taking twists and turns and I ended up across the country.  It was a bit far to have the family over every Sunday!

In honor of the party preparations (mine are pretty low-key…), I found this educational film on “What Makes a Good Party” from 1950.  The audio is a bit off but it is still fun to see teenagers having a good time without any alcohol and loud music involved.

What is your favorite part of the film?

I’ll write more on Monday,
Dr. Julie-Ann

What Makes a Good Party (1950) (Approximately 10 minutes long)

Click here if the video player isn’t working for you