{Etsy Friday Finds} Endless Kitschy Summer

When I was a teenager, I listened to The Beach Boys for hours on end. As my modern summer is coming to an end, my thoughts wander back to those wonderful kitschy summers from my childhood when I thought summer would never end!

Here are a sampling of items I found on Etsy that take me back to those endless summers…

Hawaiian Beach Hut- Woman in…


1950s postcard sunset sailin…


Vintage Surfboards Beach Art…


1950s Vintage Bathing Suit P…


Kitschy 1950s Polynesian / H…


1950s Swim Trunks / S / Dive…


Surfin’ Safari Beach Boy…


Amazing OOAK Vintage Matchin…


Vintage CALIFORNIA Map Souve…


Thermos Picnic Jug -Red and …


Vintage Siesta Ware Tiki Tum…


Vintage Picnic Basket For Ca…


Can Bed Linens Really Lead to Ecstasy?

John Gannon was an illustrator who had a gift for showing women who were ecstatic over blankets and sheets:

John Gannam

John Gannam advertisement for St. Marys Blankets; Image courtesy of Isabel Santos Pilot on Flickr.com


McCall’s magazine, Advertisement for St. Mary’s Blankets, Illustrated by John Gannam, June 1948; Image courtesy of Leifpeng on Flickr.com

A modern woman may wonder if bed linens can really lead to such ecstasy?

Bed linens such as these Erwin Luxury Percale (made in the USA) found on Etsy being sold by gillardgurl?

Erwin Luxury Percale

Erwin Luxury Percale, new in packages. Image courtesy of gillardgurl on Etsy.com



Erwin Luxury Percale, with image of the design. Image courtesy of gillardgurl on Etsy.com

Rett and Piglet trying out the freshly laundered sheets

Rett and Piglet trying out the freshly laundered sheets

I can assure you that the answer is most definitely YES!!

We love these sheets, even though they aren’t a six billion thread count Egyptian cotton from an upscale department store.  They come out of the dryer terribly wrinkled but they are 100% cotton and they were made in the United States and they don’t shrink like all of the other sheets I’ve bought over the past few years do.

I just seem to sleep so much better with these sheets.

And that will make anyone ecstatic, retro or otherwise!

Friday Finds Around the Blogging Neighborhood

The finished floor in Sara's Mom's 1950s Time Capsule Condo; Image courtesy of No Pattern Required

It dawned on me recently that I haven’t done a “Friday Finds” for a while.  So here are some blogs and such that have been capturing my attention recently:

  • Redoing a 1950s Condo on No Pattern Required  I used to watch This Old House religiously when Bob Vila was still the host.  I loved the show because a lot of the work was being done by homeowners and I appreciated how Bob, Norm, and the others would teach the homeowners how to do something.  I also watched Hometime while we lived on the East Coast.  So, if you are like me and like to follow along as a real person renovates a house or condo, then you will love this series by Sara.  Every Thursday, Sara provides us with an update on the progress she, her husband (Mike), and her mother are making on renovating her mother’s 1950s time capsule condo.  This is “real life” renovation that isn’t done in a weekend.  And I love how she proves some contractors wrong when they tell her something can’t be done and she goes ahead and does it anywhere.
  • Faithful Vintage Living  Regular readers (and Facebook fans) will recognize Brandi as a frequent commenter and MRW cheerleader.  About a month or so ago, she started her own blog about trying to be a modern retro homemaker.  I had the good fortune to coach Brandi and got to know her better.  I love that her blog is so honest.  What you read is the “real deal.”  Be sure to follow her on Facebook, too!
  • Homestead Happenings  Kathie is another frequent commenter and MRW cheeleader. I’ve been reading her blog for quite some time and her posts always feel like catching up with a friend.  She shares family history stories and what life was like on the family farm “back when” her grandparents lived on it.  And, when I went to grab the link, I discovered a new post about Tupperware!  I know I’ve mentioned her blog before but we have so many new readers that I wanted to give it another shout out.

Have you come across any blogs that you think I should know about?

1950s Red Carpet Worthy Evening Gowns

It is that time of year again: Red Carpet Season!  Back when I was a little girl, it was called Awards Season.  But in the past 10-15 years, or so, the actual awards seem to be less important than what the stars are wearing on the red carpet.

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a snob.  I look at a lot of the modern clothes coming down the red carpet and wonder if the starlet even bothered to look in the mirror before she left the house.  But then, she’s usually getting a couture gown to wear for free, so mirrors aren’t needed.

Naturally, I prefer the “Old Hollywood” type of gowns.  In that spirit, here are five gowns I found while searching Pinterest and the Internet:

1950s Red Carpet Worth Gowns


Friday Found Photo Fun #2…Because Sometimes You Have To Wonder What Is Going On

This is our second affectionate look at “found photos.”   Found photos are the ones that are either sold at garage sales or are found in an attic and no one knows anything about the people or what is happening.  They also offer us a peek into mid-century everyday life.

Add a caption in the comments section related to the photo.  There’s no prize for having the best caption except for the bragging rights in knowing you’ve made us all laugh!

Kathy's A Christmas Demon!

On back: Christmas Morning, 1955; Image courtesy of Jordan Smith on Flickr.com