Modern Retro Recipe: Festive Fudge

Festive Fudge Squares

A fudge recipe purporting to be good for you?  That’s exactly what this recipe clipping advertising skimmed evaporated milk is trying to get us to believe.  After all, it is 99% fat free! I doubt my grandmother believed it was a healthy alternative but it made me smile when I found it in her recipe [Continue Reading]

Monday Menu: Chocolate Chip Cookie-Bars {Vintage Recipe}


I loved going to my grandparents’ house on Saturdays.  My siblings and I would watch cartoons–in COLOR–on their television set.  But color TV wasn’t the only treat.  My grandmother always had a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies available for our enjoyment.  And we did! I found this neatly typed recipe card in my grandmothers [Continue Reading]

Monday Menu: Hot Cross Buns {Vintage Recipe}


Until I read the notation in my grandmother’s cookbook that Hot Cross Buns were a Good Friday tradition, I never made the connection between the crosses on top of the buns and the symbolism of Good Friday. The buns are delicious and fairly quick and easy to make thanks to Rapid Rise yeast.  Instead of [Continue Reading]

Monday Menu: Lush Mush {Vintage Recipe}


I’m always on the lookout for fruit based desserts.  This recipe is from the same recipe clipping notebook as the lasagne recipe.  This dessert recipe is by Mrs. G.L. Holms of Bergenfield, NJ.  It was published in the February, 1948, issue of Better Homes and Gardens. The recipe calls for drained fruit cocktail.  But you [Continue Reading]

Monday Menu: Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies


This recipe is from my grandmother’s well-worn-held-together-by-librarian’s-book-tape 1950s era cookbook.  And, these really are as good as they sound.  And look.  They go fast in our house.  And, yes, I’m the guilty party. I use powdered baking cocoa instead of melted baking chocolate.  Just follow the directions on the side of the canister.  One thing [Continue Reading]

Monday Menu: Chili Con Wiener


This is a tailgating, football watching testosterone extravaganza recipe. We especially enjoyed it while  watching the San Francisco 49ers rout beat the Green Bay Packers.  To tell you the truth, I almost didn’t try this recipe because it didn’t appeal to me and I wasn’t sure The Mister would like it, either.  Much to my [Continue Reading]

Menu Monday: Mulled Cider {Recipe}


There is just something soothing about the fragrance of mulled cider in Autumn. This recipe comes from a 1939 New England regional cookbook and has become my husband’s favorite Autumn-time hot drink. The original recipe calls for 7 whole allspice but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I substituted the equivalent amount of ground [Continue Reading]

Monday Menu: Ham and Bean Soup


I love having soup for lunch when the thermometer starts dipping below 70F.  And it has been, here in Central Illinois, for a couple of weeks now. The cheapest place to buy soup on campus charges $3.00 for a cup.  And it has an institutional flavor to it even though it is a whole lot [Continue Reading]