Glamour Shot of the Day: Before and After {My Vintage Vogue}

One of my favorite websites is Jessica’s My Vintage Vogue.  Her tagline is that she is “just a girl with a scanner and a dream preserving the past one image at a time.”    After I started buying vintage magazines, I developed an even greater appreciation for the work she does restoring vintage images to bring them back to their original glory. 

For a sampling of her handiwork, look at the difference at the “before” Photoshopping  image:

Forstmann 1953; Image courtesy of

Forstmann 1953; Image courtesy of

And, the “after” Photoshopping image:

Forstmann 1953; Image courtesy of

Forstmann 1953; Image courtesy of

I’ve been a fan of Jessica’s work for a very long time.  If you want great mid-century inspiration, I encourage you to go to her website––and click the various social media links so that you will know when she puts new images up for her groupies to enjoy (I stalk her on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Pinterest…I told you I was a fan!).

(PS: Because her work is so good, her images get “borrowed” without proper attribution–if you see one of her images on someone’s site without them giving credit to her, please remind the person that it really is poor form to use the image without proper citation.  I’m glad that she is putting her watermark on her images now…she deserves the recognition).


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