Baby It’s Cold Outside {Etsy Treasury}

This transplanted Southern Californian is dreading the frigid temperatures forecasted for this weekend and early next week in Central Illinois (a HIGH of -9ºF? Really? Is there really such a thing?). Here are my ideas of things to help keep me warm!*

1950s mink fur coat - EllaandFrankVintage Gorgeous Vintage Brown Real Fur Muff and Purse, Mink(?) with Satin Trim 1930's/40's - LaughingTreeVintage Vintage 1950s  Mink Fur Collar / Mink Scarf - Tootiescloset 1960s Dawn MINK Fur HAT / Glossy Tan PILLBOX / Soft & Cozy - LuckyDryGoods
Vintage 1950s Sweater Dress Set / Blue and White Angora Collar 1950s Cardigan and Skirt Set / small - medium - myVintageValentine The "Ladies Touch" Handmade black leather gloves for women made with sheep skin and really soft wool - lefushop Hand Spun, Hand Knit 100% Angora Rabbit Wool Infinity/Circle Scarf. - BlueMoonsWoolFarm 1940s Wool Sweater Dress Set, 40s Brown Wool Skirt & Pinup Sweater, Vintage Knitwear Ann Adams Original, Fall Fashion - daisyandstella
Shrug Knitting pattern vintage womens bolero knit sweater immediate download "Casual Shortie" - MissMotleysToo Sexy Dark Brown Mink Beret circa 1940's - RomanysVintage 60s Apres Ski FUR BOOTS / Sheepskin & Fox Fur MUKLUKS, 11 - luckyvintageseattle Vintage genuine leather rubbit fur and suede leather mittens size S 6 1/2   gift for her - chickantique

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

*The smart thing would be to just not go outside but my office has a symposium to run next Wednesday when the weather should be a bit “warmer” (as if temps in the 20’sF could be called warm).  Over 500 people are counting on us!

Update:  The university is closed on Monday so I won’t have to go out into the -11 (with wind chill expected to be -30) frigid weather.

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      Dr. Julie-Ann says

      When I taught in Northern Indiana (and only survived 3 winters there), the saying was that if the interstate was still open, then campus would be open. We did close one day but that was because there wasn’t any power.

      It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow–I wouldn’t be surprised, even if State Farm closes, to discover that we’re having a delayed opening since classes don’t start for another week and only administrators and support staff will be on campus. HR sent out an “inclement weather” reminder before Winter Break outlining what we’re supposed to do if the campus is open but we can’t get there (Read: No excuses, if you miss work it is taken from your vacation time, even if you were spending the day excavating your vehicle *laugh*).

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    Dr. Julie-Ann says

    I don’t know if State Farm is closed but I just got word that the university is closed tomorrow. Thank goodness!

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    Hokey-smokes, Bullwinkle! Well, as of 11am and the cancellation announcements on WJBC, county offices will still be open — I know they stood up the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at noon yesterday. McLean County has only closed once in the past 17 years and that was 1 day for the Groundhog Day blizzard of 2011.

    (I don’t know if anyone at ISU has clued you in, but in McLean County when Mother Nature starts acting up, everyone tunes their radio in to WJBC.)

    I’m reasonably sure I could get INTO work on Monday (I live 25 miles NE of town). I’m just pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to get home for a day or two.

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    Dr. Julie-Ann says

    Oh…WJBC was one of my first local bookmarks!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you (you’re not part of the EOC, right?)! Unit 5 hasn’t cancelled, yet, and we know they will since all of the other schools are closing, so there’s still hope for you :)