Theatrical Thursday: Social Courtesy {Vintage Educational Film}

A big part of my job at the university is schmoozing with people at social events so that they will feel comfortable coming to me for help in achieving a teaching-related goal.  But those people skills help me in other areas of my life, too.  When I’m out and about running errands, people will be more inclined to help me if I am friendly and courteous.

Social Courtesy is a Coronet Instructional Film from 1951.  This gem of a movie helps Bill understand that he is the common denominator in the way people interact with him.

Click here if the video player does not work for you: Social Courtesy

PS: I just realized that I’ve lost an entire day due to being holed up in this conference center this week.  Today is FRIDAY not Thursday!  *sheesh*  Well…it is still a fun film even if it isn’t actually being posted on a Thursday…

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    Chris says

    Just stumbled upon your blog. . . loooooooooove it!! Can’t wait to travel all around it!
    I am very much a 1950’s woman. . I too have a second job at a state university in N.C. as a departmental administrator/bookkeeper. I always thought I was born in the wrong era, but I might not appreciate it as much if I lived through it! My devotion, my passion, my mission in life is to be the best wife, mother, mother in law and grandmother as I can be and living as a woman of the 50’s certainly helps me do this in a most pleasing way.
    Thanks for a great site!! Can’t wait to share with others!