Wise Words of the Day: Inner Wealth

I MUST develop my inner qualities, for that is where my real wealth lies. ~ Alfred Armand Montapert


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It always comes down to what is on the inside, doesn’t it?  In November, 2010, I blogged about how John Robert Powers reminds us that beauty comes from within, not from potions and paint.

And now we read that real wealth comes from within.

If we think about it, we all know that true wealth has little do with money but is really about our habits of the heart–How do we interact with others?  How do we interact with ourselves?

I think we’ve all known of monetarily successful people whose primary way of being in the world can be summarized as a “scorched earth policy.”  Outwardly, they may “have it all,” but they may be terribly unhappy.  I know I am making generalizations in order to make a point…we also all know of people where the opposite of what I’m describing is true. What is the difference between the two?  Inner wealth.

Regardless of what your bank account says, if you consistently strive for personal improvement, you will be a wealthy woman.  It all starts within you.

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    And you all know that the only one who makes one happy is one’s self! Wealth comes the same way, no matter what type, although I, myself, am in agreement with Dr. Julie-Ann1
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