Wise Words of the Day: Determine What You Would Like to Be

“Determine what you would like to be; then determine the books you ought to read and the things you ought to do in order to arrive at your ideal.  Then begin at once to act upon your determination.”  ~Unknown

Be Popular! Learn To Dance!

Be Popular! Learn To Dance! (1941) Image courtesy of Paul Malon on Flickr.com

There are advantages to being a modern retro woman.  If I want to learn about something, there are probably a whole bunch of tutorials available on websites, blogs, and You tube that will help me get started.  My public library can obtain copies of books from other libraries and university libraries offer a scholarly approach to learning about the subject (did you know that most university/college libraries will offer courtesy library cards to people living in the community and/or will allow anyone to read the materials even if they can’t circulate?).  iTunesU and MOOCs enable me to informally take college courses on a wide range of subjects without having to worry about passing or failing.

The fact that the world, beyond encyclopedias, is at our fingertips would probably make our grandmothers swoon with envy.  Truly, the world of learning is our oyster and ours for the taking!

What have you always wanted to learn how to do or be?

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Dr. Julie-Ann

I'm Dr. Julie-Ann, living life in its Technicolor finest by channeling my Grandma, Donna Reed, and June Cleaver with a bit of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly glamour thrown in for good measure, too. I work outside of the home full-time as a university administrator but I nourish my soul and find my greatest happiness by trying to be the "perfect" 1950s homemaker.

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    Mrs.Worcester says

    I’ve always wanted to learn to play the cello. I’ve played the violin for 18 years, but for some reason, I’ve never made the jump to cello!

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    It’s amazing what’s available to us in our own homes for the cost of a computer and hook-up.

    I have always wanted to make beautiful things — sewing, crochet, embroidery, etc. It didn’t happen for me but I have found ways to be happy with my talents.

    And I love the study of retro home values when the home was the center of woman’s world. I can’t exactly say what it is, but I know it when I see it. What do we call it when we’re looking to study it?
    Kathy Warnock recently posted.."I thought of something to do" [outside]My Profile

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    Dr. Julie-Ann says

    I’m not sure what to call it, Kathy. I plug in home economics and then just follow the path from there but home ec is just the tip of the iceberg.