Wise Words of the Day: Help

Serve people with your hands by doing the little favors for them.  Serve the coffee, help them on the bus, carry the bundles, help them across the street. ~ Unknown

Western Electric

Western Electric advertisement, 1955; Image courtesy of Paul Malon on Flickr.com

 The Mister and I lived along the New Jersey side of the Delaware River for 12 years.  Needless to say, we were anxious for our friends as Frankenstorm Sandy unleashed her power on New Jersey.  All of our friends have checked in.  Most of our friends suffered minor damage to their property and were without power for a couple of days but are basically fine.  Many of their family members living along or near the shore were not as fortunate.

In the midst of this highly toxic political season, I’ve been heartened that so many people have put aside their politics and are reaching out to help each other.

I remember riding in the car as a child with my grandparents when they pulled over to help someone on the highway.  When my grandfather got back into the car, I asked him why he stopped.  His quiet reply was quite simple, “Because it is the right thing to do.”

I can’t be there to pass out food or provide comfort to people along the east coast but I know there will be Mennonite volunteers quietly showing their faith to those in need.  And they will still be there long after most volunteers have gone home (they are still helping people trying to recover from Katrina). Because it is what they do.

If you are looking for a faith-based organization to support in their efforts to serve those devastated by natural disasters in the United States, I encourage you to check out one of my favorite charities, Mennonite Disaster Service.  Their name says it all!

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    Dr. Julie-Ann says

    Thanks, Molly! Every year my sister’s in-laws volunteer at least a month of their time working with Mennonite Disaster Service. It is a great organization!

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    Chris says

    Hi Dr. Julie Ann, I think that is great….we are doing a fundraiser for the people affected by Sandy, and I have family there in Cape May NJ. I see that you used to live in NJ also. I lived in Alloway, NJ. Moved 5 years ago to Oregon, and we don’t want to move back. My youngest sister is the last one to move to Oregon, hopefully soon. I follow your blog and just love it. Thank you!!