Wise Words of the Day: Cause and Effect

Many of us deal with effects instead of the cause. ~ Unknown

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A few of us were having a conversation about how portion sizes have gotten larger throughout the years over on the Facebook page.  I pointed out that American food is heavily subsidized and so food is, as a proportion of our monthly income, quite cheap.  I remember reading somewhere that if Americans had to really pay for the cost of food production, obesity would greatly decline because people would naturally eat less food.

Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t take personal responsibility for our own health.  Because I think we should.  But knowing some of these cultural dynamics makes it a bit easier to be mindful of the causes of ill-health so that we can make healthier choices.

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    Christie Thornton says

    My son and i were discussing something like this the other day because the health people at his High School have removed chocolate milk from lunch on M,W,F. Portion sizes are larger some places and smaller in other. The bigger problem with childhood obesity seems to me to be lack of activity. When I was in High School (almost 30 years ago) we had P.E. 2 times a week, had intermural sports, walked or rode bikes everywhere and had only 3 chanels to choose from on TV(and no Xbox). Now kids are picked up by the bus at their front doors, PE in High School is only 2 semesters in 4 years of school and there are no intermural sports. In the face of this inactivity a large chocolate milk may cause some problems.