You Mean, They Still Make This? Prell Shampoo

Prell Shampoo

Prell Shampoo

After my foray into cold cream, I began to wonder what other things I remember from my childhood that are still being made.  Lo and behold!  They still make Prell Shampoo!  And I found it on sale at my local Sav-On Drug Store (aka Osco in the midwest) for $3.00.  That price is a whole lot cheaper than what they try to sell me in the salon when I get my hair cut.

I was a little nervous about using Prell because I had read a lot of posts on the internet about how harsh Prell is and that it is recommended as a way to recover from bad at-home hair dye jobs.  However, Prell is basically a “clarifying” shampoo that is great for getting rid of product build-up and other normal dirt and sweat.  I’ve been using it for about two weeks and I like it!  I use it and follow it with a “daily conditioner” that in the old days would have been called a cream rinse.  I have really fine hair that has always tangled easily when wet, so it is imperative for me to use some sort of product that will enable me to comb my hair after getting out of the shower.

Tallulah the Prell Tube

Tallulah the Prell Tube

Now, here is a little gossip about Prell: Apparently, in 1949, Proctor and Gamble–the then makers of Prell–decided to introduce Tallulah the Tube as their new radio mascot.  Through the talents of singer Fran Barber, “Tallulah” would sing

“I’m Tallulah The Tube of Prell
And I’ve got something to tell
Your hair can be radiant and dandruff-free
All you’ve got to do is take me home
and squeeze me!”

Well, actress Tallulah Bankhead didn’t like their new mascot and sued Proctor and Gamble and others to the tune of 1 million dollars!  The case was eventially settled out of court for $5,000.

When I was a child, the Prell Shampoo ads featured a pearl being dropped through the liquid to show how effective Prell was a shampoo.  I’m not sure how a pearl slowly descending through shampoo would indicate how clean it would get one’s hair, but that was the implication.

I couldn’t find a commercial with a pearl in it, but this little gem shows that your hair can be “just perfect!”

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