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Sheila at Out of the Ashes Collectibles has once again helped me with my vintage pattern habit. If you haven’t been over to her site, I encourage you to do so. She’s got lots of wonderful patterns and she is very personable.

Pattern Review is always having contests. From May 1 to May 31st, they are hosting two contests that I intend to enter: Vintage Pattern and Mini-Wardrobe. I asked and was told that I could, indeed, “double dip” by using the vintage patterns to make the mini-wardrobe and submitting the photos to both contests. Now, I’ll be honest, I don’t expect to win either one but I’m using the contests as motivation to get stuff made in time for a higher education conference I am attending in June.

The rules for the Vintage Contest are pretty straight forward:
1. Make a garment using a vintage pattern. For the purposes of this contest a pattern is considered Vintage if it was issued between 1920 and 1975.

2. Patterns must be original vintage prints, or exact re-prints of the vintage pattern (for example, reprints such as those that are available at Vintage Fashion Library and Vintage Pattern Lending Library). Re-issues, vintage inspired, retro, and self-drafted patterns are not included in this contest. Reissues are those that are reissued by the Pattern companies and sold in the Vintage and Retro sections of the catalogues.
Click here to read all of the rules

The rules for the Mini-Wardrobe are also straight forward:
This is a contest to create a 4-piece wardrobe in 4 weeks. Those pieces should fit one of the following three frameworks:

1) 2 bottoms and 2 tops – 1 may be a jacket


2) 1 bottom and 3 tops – 1 (no more than one) may be a jacket


3) 1 bottom, 1 dress or jumper (overdress), and 2 tops – 1 may be a jacket. If a jumper is made, it should go with both tops (i.e., function as a bottom). If the dress option is chosen, it need not be worn with the other garments in the wardrobe, however it should tie to the rest of the wardrobe in theme and possibly be compatible with the same handbag or shoes or accessories.

All pieces must coordinate with each other.
Patterns may be new, never sewn before, or TNT (tried and true). Self-drafted patterns are fine. Patterns may be drafted, tweaked, and muslined before the contest date, but fabric for the pieces entered cannot be cut till the start date of the contest (May 1).
Click here to read all of the rules

Okay, so let me show you what I bought from Sheila to use in the contest (my intention is to make 3 tops and one skirt):

First up is Simplicity 4773. I loved the softness of the neckline. I intend to make View 1. It is professional looking without it being too over the top.

Next is Simplicity 5348. I think the top from View 1 will work with the pencil skirt from the other Simplicity pattern.

The plan: Make the 5348 top and the 4773 skirt in one fabric to give it more of a suit look. Then make 4773 top in a softer fabric in perhaps a print. I have not decided upon the pattern for the 3rd top. I will probably pull it out of my stash.

I misread the rules and thought I could make a skirt, two tops, and a dress so I bought this fabulous shirt dress pattern. I’m glad I did because I would have let this pattern stay with Sheila instead of buying it. And I really like the look of this pattern. I think Erin at Dress a Day has gotten us all hooked on shirt dresses!

Anyway, even though I can’t enter this in the mini-wardrobe contest, I would like to finish this dress before the conference so that I can wear it as my “travel outfit.” I can wear one of my brooches at the neckline instead of the bow.

I am anxious to get the pattern adjustments made so that I can start cutting & sewing on May 1st but being the guest speaker at a luncheon on Saturday means that I can’t hang a “gone sewing” sign on my office door between now and then. Plus, I have a fun apron that I’ve been sewing up that I need to finish before I can start a new project. I just need to finish applying the bias binding and I am done! Hopefully, you’ll see photos on Sunday.

Wish me luck!

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